Post box Starke

Adapted for the Scandinavian climate

The units can be combined exactly as you like, indoors or outdoors. The construction is adapted to cope with the Scandinavian climate, and with the optional protective doors you can get extra protection against both the weather and uninvited visitors.

An appearance issue where you are in control

With Flexbox multiple occupancy boxes, you have almost total freedom also when it comes to design. Even the exterior can, with astonishing results, be completely adapted to the surrounding environment. The boxes can be built into the wall and fitted with protective doors, which can be given exactly the same pattern and expression as the wall - or any other appearance.


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Multi occupancy box Starke 23 - Flexbox
Sale priceCHF 457.00
Multi occupancy box Starke 24 - Flexbox
Sale priceCHF 609.00
Multi occupancy box Starke 22 - Flexbox
Sale priceCHF 305.00
Multi occupancy box Starke 14 - Flexbox
Sale priceCHF 305.00
Multi occupancy box Starke 13 - Flexbox
Sale priceCHF 229.00
Multi occupancy box Starke 12 - Flexbox
Sale priceCHF 153.00