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Flexbox have the perfect post box for your online shopping. The range is extensive parcel boxes in many different designs and colors. We offer parcel boxes in the highest security and quality class. We are our own from design to sale. We are Flexbox!


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Parcel box Lovisa - FlexboxParcel box Lovisa - Flexbox
Sale price2 199 kr
Parcel box Karl - FlexboxParcel box Karl - Flexbox
Sale price2 199 kr
Parcel box Oskar - FlexboxParcel box Oskar - Flexbox
Sale price2 299 kr
Parcel box Nikolai - FlexboxParcel box Nikolai - Flexbox
Sale price2 399 kr
Parcel box Ludvig XL - FlexboxParcel box Ludvig XL - Flexbox
Sale price3 999 kr
Smart Parcel box Erik - Flexbox post boxesSmart Parcel box Erik - Flexbox post boxes
Sale price3 599 kr
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Sign included

When you purchase a post box from Flexbox, a sign that you can customize however you desire is included in the price. Click on "design and add to cart" after selecting your post box and let your creativity flow!